Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Errand Day

In order to keep my mind off the ever encroaching flood waters, I decided to go shopping! Well, I had other errands too, but any reason to drive near a fabric store is a good one. First stop was Hobby Lobby. Don't you just love Hobby Lobby? I mean, they have everything! Crafts, yarn, lawn ornaments, furniture, knick knacks, you name it. And ours still has fabric! And that fabric was on sale at 30% off! So, I bought some wonderful Kona solids to start on the free BOM by Florida Cabin Fever Quilters Guild, called a Touch of Amish. The picture doesn't do the colors justice. But take my word for it they are pretty. Never met a Kona color that I didn't like! Also got a couple yards of Kona Snow. Not for anything in particular, but just because.
I also went to Joanns and got this fabric for an apron I'm making my mom for her birthday. Shhh....don't tell her it's a secret. It's a Mary Mulari pattern called Church Lady Apron. I hope to finish it on Thursday. Will post a pic when I do.
Till next time....

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