Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

Here it is Sunday evening already. Where did the weekend go? Why is it weekends always go so fast and weekdays so slow?
Yesterday I spent a good part of my day in my "sewing studio", working on a scrap quilt. The quilt pattern is from called Strip Twist. Bonnie Hunter is a great quilter and an inspiration. What she can do with scraps, wow! I wish I had her talent. I have also been slowly working on my own version of her scrap savers project. And I do mean slowly working. I have one of those huge black lawn garbage bags full of scraps and I swear those scraps are like bunnies! I do believe they multiply at night when no one is looking. But anyway, the quilt is turning out a lot better than I imagined. Now I need to come up with a funky border for it and then it's off to the quilter. My quilter is Lisa O. She does a great job and boy is she speedy! You can give her a quilt on Monday and get it back that Thursday. And not only is she a very talented long arm quilter but she's very reasonably priced. So reasonable that DH, metalman to you all, offered to get me a Voyager and Hinterberg stretch frame--they're on sale through today. But I thought why should I? It would take me 30 quilts at $100 a piece to equal what that package would cost. And my wonderful quilter, Lisa O. charges way less than $100 per quilt. So for now, I'm content just sending them to her. But who knows, once I reach that 30 quilt limit, I may just go wild and spend the $$. But not all my quilts are sent out. I do like to handquilt also. So that 30 quilt limit at the quilters may be a long time in coming.
On with my ramblings. Today was a beautiful spring day, warm with lots of sunshine. All the birdies were out singing and working on nests already! The flood waters have receeded so DH, metalman to you all, and I worked out in the yard for most of the afternoon. Now, I feel like I might have a tad bit of sunburn and I'm very tired. You know, the good tired, where you worked hard and got lots of sunshine and fresh air.
Well, I'm off to put a load of laundry in the washer so it will be ready to hang out first thing tomorrow morning. No, I'm not one of those frugalistas or anything like that but remember how I said my favorities things were a quilt on a frame and to knead bread? Well, you can add laundry hanging on a clothes line to that list.
Till next time.....

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