Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home Alone

I'm here all by myself today. Zudi the maltese is spending the day and night at the vet's. Today is spay day for her, poor baby! I know she was wondering why she wasn't getting any snacks last night. And this morning her poor tummy was growling! It's amazing how a 6 pound ball of fur can leave such a big hole when she's not around. :o( You can better believe that she's going to be babied when she comes home tomorrow! I had planned to keep myself busy today so I wouldn't worry. And thanks to my wonderful long arm quilter Lisa O. I have my Rocky Road to Fargo, (or Rocky Road to Kansas, or Endless Chain) quilt back and it needs to be bound. Here's what it looks like . Lisa did a wonderful job on the quilting. Here's what she did in the body of the quilt. And here's what she did in the border, Feathers! I love feathers! But then again, who doesn't? I have sent a lot of quilts to her and I am more pleased with each one I get back. She's really great! Besides binding the Rocky Road quilt, I also get to play with my newest fabric that came in yesterday's mail. It's Windham's Paper Dolls! I have 2 sets of grand-daughters. One lives in Utah and turns 7 next month, so I'm thinking she might be a bit old for them. And I have a set of almost 2 year old twins that live here in town and I'm thinking they might be a bit young for them. But I have them and when they get a little older they can have them. DH, metal man to you all, made the comment that maybe I'll have them all done by the time the girls are old enough to play with them. Ha, ha, ha, not funny, metal man! Well, I'm going to sign off here and head to my studio. There are quilts that need making! Till next time.....

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