Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saying goodbye to a dear friend

I have had the good luck to be a member of a quilt group made up by some very wonderful ladies. We call ourselves the Rowdy Bunch. We have several "long distance" Rowdies those who have moved away but are still members of our group. Our motto is "Once a Rowdy you're always a Rowdy!" Well, now we're losing one more. And this post is to say goodbye to Jeanie. She and hubby Clifford will be leaving for Tuscaloosa, Alabama this week. Jeanie, I wish we had found you sooner. You have become a wonderful friend and you will leave a big hole in our little group. You gave us ideas, things to talk about, and laughs. You taught us all about your bubble and I have to admit sometimes I have tried it and it works! You fit into the group just like you were meant to be there. We will miss you terribly. Please keep in touch with us or you might end up with the whole Rowdy clan on your doorstep! You know how much we love road trips! Take care dear lady. Till next time....

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