Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tornado touches down in local woman's sewing room....

story at 11. Ok, this really didn't happen but by the look of my sewing room you'd think it did. I joined a challenge from Quilting on a Budget to try and get more organized. You can see by this picture that it is in pretty desperate need of something! I tried taking the bull by the horns and I did do some picking up and straightening this past evening. And you wouldn't believe what I found! Remember my basket block that gave me conniption fits and I promised myself I was going to get over my basket phobia by making a basket quilt? Well, can cross that one off the list! Look what I found under all the debris! And it's sandwiched and basted, just waiting for me to quilt it! It's called Amish Baskets and it was a freebie BOM I found on the net several years ago. I am sorry but I don't remember where. I do remember why I never did get it quilted, I was looking for that perfect template for all the open spaces. Well, I have that now too, just didn't remember why I bought it! And I also found this little cutie stashed away. I did stop cleaning and straightening to get it sandwiched and basted. I'm going to quilt this one up now. I need something springy and this one fits the bill. I guess the whole moral of this story is, if your room happens to look like mine, and I know I must be an anomaly, HA!, you never know what you might find once you begin picking up and straightening up. Till next time.....


  1. Wow - those are some great finds! I might just have to clean my quilt room and see there are treasures buried there too!

  2. Thanks for the comments. The butterflies were a mystery from And I searched and searched and found the info on the Amish basket quilt. It is called Simply Amish and it was a free BOM from

  3. visited the blog, hope the counter works